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Damaged Mate

A fantasy wolf shifter novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

Brutalized by a false mate.

The day my human self died in a watery grave, my inner wolf took over to protect me. For two hundred years, I lived, hunted, and survived as a lone wolf. Then a voice spoke to me through the wildness in my head, calling me to him. A voice I can’t deny. The voice of my true mate.

He wants to claim me in the way of our traditions, but I fear him. I was claimed once before by a false mate, and it led to centuries of pain and suffering. I can’t trust this new mate or the modern world he wants me to live in. So I’ll hide behind the protection of my wolf, biding my time until I can escape.

Exiled from my homeland.

I felt the moment my mate died, like my soul was torn from my body. So when I find her on my doorstep two hundred years later, looking up at me from the crystal blue gaze of her snowy wolf, I’m both shocked and elated. I want to claim my mate, but first I must coax her into turning human again, then heal the trauma that makes her fear me.

When I’ve made her mine, I will hunt down the shifter who dared to claim my mate and I will make him pay for every second of her suffering. Then I will return to my people and claim my position as their alpha.

Damaged Mate is the first book in the Immortal Wolf Shifter series. Each novel in the series follows one of five alpha wolf shifter bothers. Each book is completely standalone and can be read in any order.

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CEO Daddy: A Gay MM BDSM Romance

*Please note: For a limited time, CEO Daddy is only available on Amazon for purchase or through Kindle Unlimited*

Will is surfing through life looking for his next big adventure.

Alex is a no-nonsense CEO hiding a wild side.

The last thing Alex expected when he opened the door to his hotel room was to find one of his employees standing on the other side. Now he has a choice to make. Return to his boring, predictable life or follow Will into the unknown.

Sexy and sweet, Will is the perfect man to show Alex what he’s been missing all these years. Will is carefree, confident, and kind. Everything Alex wants in his life, but never thought he deserved.

Bearded and ripped, Alex is exactly Will’s type of date. He just needs to make Alex see how good they are together. Will’s not looking for anything serious, but when his fantasies about his gorgeous boss start to come true, he’s pulled into a life and love he can’t deny.

As they grow closer together, exploring an undeniable bond, two things threaten to tear them apart; Alex’s family and an unexpected event that puts one of them in danger.