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Toxic Love Story

She didn’t count on catching the eye of a monster…

Yasmin is flattered when she’s pursued by billionaire businessman, Volkan Kartel. He’s rich, powerful, and hot as Hades himself. Everything a girl could want.

He’s also a walking red flag who throws his money around to get the things he wants. He’s jealous, possessive, rude, and controlling. Which is why it’s best to break things off before they get too serious. Besides she’s too busy with her university studies and her job for a boyfriend.

Obsessed with the young student, Volkan uses brutal methods to deceive Yasmin into falling into his trap. He takes her to his home country of Turkey and marries her, permanently tying her to him.

Halfway around the world from her home, Yasmin must navigate Volkan’s secretive family and a husband who watches her every move. As danger closes in, she wonders if his obsessive love and her feelings for a monster are enough to survive the treachery surrounding them.

Toxic Love Story is completely standalone and not part of a series. This book is exactly what it says, a Toxic Love Story. It is a dark romance with scenes of sexuality and violence. Please read with caution.

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Darkness rating: 

Steam rating: 

Trigger warnings: Non-con, dub-con, kidnapping, captive, heroine in danger, assault, forced marriage, drugging

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