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The Witch and the Wolf

What’s a witch to do when her fated mate refuses to acknowledge their bond?

From the day of her 16th birthday, Magdalene has known that she, an immortal witch, will one day mate with an immortal wolf shifter. As a Good Witch, it’s her duty to smooth a path for the natural order, ensuring that her mating destiny is fulfilled.

Only problem? Her wolf-mate has a hate-on for witches, and he’s not afraid to show it with both teeth and claws. If she’s to guide him down the path of romance, she’ll have to convince him not all magical creatures are evil.

From the moment of her birth, Rush has stalked Magdalene Good Witch. He’s convinced she’s the key to shattering the curse her ancestor put on his family. But as he comes to love the crazy witch and her penchant for mischief and trouble, his loyalties are torn.

Will he sacrifice his witch to a centuries-long vendetta, or will he protect her from a world determined to dim her bright light?

The Witch and the Wolf is the second book in the Immortal Wolf Shifter series. Each novel in the series follows one of five alpha wolf shifter bothers.


Darkness rating: 

Steam rating: 

Trigger warnings: captive heroine

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