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A Hell’s Jury MC romance novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.


Trigger… it’s lust at first sight.

The moment I lay eyes on Evanee I know she’s it for me. She’s too posh, too confident, too complex and I’m too crass, too wild, too dangerous.

She’s trying to break free from a pampered upbringing. I’m trying to escape a shitty past.

It’s fireworks when we come together.

But our worlds clash and as we struggle to find a way to reconcile them, one of my enemies sets his sights on Evanee.

What he doesn’t know is she’s my girl, my future, my love.

And he’s a dead man.


Evanee… I know what I want, and I want him.

I’m a woman who knows what she’s about and I don’t pretend otherwise, but the first time I lay eyes on Trigger, my world tilts on its axis. Even before I meet him, I decide to embrace the violence and aggression he represents.

We’re so in lust that we don’t see the danger sneaking up on us, but when an enemy of Trigger’s gets between me and my man, I have no choice but to take matters into my own hands.

Trigger is my future, and no one tells me what I can or cannot have.

Not even Trigger.

Trigger is the third book in the Hell’s Jury MC series. Each book in the series is completely standalone and can be read in any order. Trigger is a dark romance with scenes of sexuality and violence. Please read with caution.

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