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Nikita's Book News

A Silent Reckoning, the second book in the Sinner's Empire trilogy, is now available for purchase!

The Sinner's Empire books have been an absolute joy to write, and I think you'll see that within the pages of these books. I love being able to develop Shaun and Jozef's relationship over the course of three books. They fall in love under extreme circumstances and learn to build that love, while reconciling their very different lifestyles. Of course, as with any Nikita book, there will be plenty of strife along the way!

Goodnight, Sinners, the third and final book in the Sinner's Empire series, is now available for pre-order. Don't worry though, this won't be the last Sinner's book. I have a spinoff trilogy planned for 2022. Can you guess who the couple will be? You'll find out in Goodnight, Sinners. 

Sinner's Empire_family.jpg