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The Road to Wolfe is coming!


The fourth book in International Bestselling Author Nikita Slater's dark dystopian world, The Sanctuary Series.

Hunted, bitten, turned.

The walking dead have inherited our planet, driving survivors into makeshift cities and killing anything left without Sanctuary.

Her name is Skye.

Survivor, zombie hunter, warrior. She has searched her entire life for a home. Her search will come to an end with me. I will lay Sanctuary at her feet and worship at her throne. I am her devoted soldier; SHE IS THE F@CKING APOCALYPSE!



Excerpt for Road to Wolfe...



     "You done?" Wolfe asks darkly, his hand tightening on my neck threateningly. He's telling me that he can break me if he wants to.

     I shrug negligently on the table as though I'm not laying in a mess of food, my hair now a wild tangled halo around my head. "You started it, you tell me."

     He lets out a growl of frustration and shoves me away from him. I fall sideways off the table and land on my hands and knees on the floor. I immediately scramble to my feet, picking food out of my hair and corset. I glare at him.

     "Can I go?" I ask coldly.

     He gives me a half nod, his own gaze just as cold as I step quickly back. I whirl around, my leather skirt snapping around my legs, and head straight for the door. My heels tap against the stone floor with angry intent as I try to get as far away from him as fast as I can. If I don't leave immediately, I will find a way to stab this man.

     His voice stops me before I can leave the room. "You want to know what I want from you?" I glance back at him. "Everything. I want everything from you. And I won't stop until I get it."

His words reignite the spark between us and the room feels like an inferno of emotion. The intimacy, the fight, everything since the moment I stepped into the Warlord's chambers is raging between us.

     I shake my head. "What if I don't want to give you everything?"

     He stares at me for long seconds and I think he won't speak. I'm about to leave when finally his voice reaches out to me, quiet but ringing with authority.

     "I live for the fight, Skye.” His voice is a deep purr as it touches my name. β€œI will fight for you, I will fight with you and I will fight against you until I get what I want." His one-eyed green gaze holds me in place as he says the final word. "Everything."

Nikita's Book News

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far! I'm spending most of my time at the farm with the occasional visit into the city. While I am writing here and there, I'm taking a break this summer and enjoying some time in my garden. I hope everyone is excited for the upcoming release of The Road to Wolfe. This book was an absolute blast to write. The scenes flowed beautifully and the action is sexy and fun! Grab your pre-order at the discounted price while you can!


Sin of Silence is my current passion. It's sexy, sleek and intense. A doctor is kidnapped and forced to help a mafia family. She should have been collateral damage, but Jozef, enforcer for the Koba family, has decided he wants to keep the doctor for himself. Dr. Shaun Patterson refuses to reconcile herself to marriage to a violent mobster. If they are both to survive, their love must transcend everything they believe in.

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