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Loving Jared, coming June 27th!

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Loving Jared is a sweet and sizzling summer read! This book is lighter than my usual mafia reads, with just an edge of danger among the sexy good times. This novella packs a punch! Apple pies, phone sex, adorable children and cameos from the characters of Loving Vincent. 

With the upcoming release of Loving Jared, I'm working full-tilt on a second summer read, which will hopefully makes its debut in August or September: The Road to Wolfe. This post-apocalyptic novel will have all the excitement of the first three Sanctuary books and more, including a badass female warrior, an all female city council, an enigmatic warlord, and a zombie cure. Watch for the pre-order to become available soon!

What else am I working on?

Sin of Silence is a standalone mafia novel, set in central and eastern Europe. An enforcer for a prominent mafia family needs to find a doctor fast and he knows just who he wants. Jozef kidnaps the one woman who teases his senses and speaks his language; the language of silence.


While working in a war zone with Doctors Without Borders, Shaun is taken and forced to heal a dying man. Her life is hanging in the balance. Once her usefulness ends, so will her life. The only thing that might save her is the fragile connection she has with the terrifying man who stole her.

Will she go to the grave in silence, or will she marry into the mafia?

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