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The Red Queen is coming December 26, 2021!

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7 Days is coming November 9th, 2021!

The Killing Me Softly multi-author anthology is coming soon! On November 9th my brand new novel, 7 Days, will be available with this anthology for only $0.99! Grab 7 Days at this incredible price while you can. 



Nikita's Book News

I finished my contribution to the Killing Me Softly anthology! 7 Days is now available for pre-order with this anthology for only $0.99. Erik's obsession with Letty crosses any and every boundary. He'll do anything to make her part of his life, including locking her in her apartment and wooing her over the course of 7 days. 

I'm currently working on two novels. The first is The Red Queen, the 4th book in the Queens series. The villain from Born a Queen, Desi, is enslaved by Italian mob boss Giovanni Savino. He will keep his feral captive, take her hand in marriage and turn her into his Red Queen. The second book I'm writing is Chasing Ecstasy, the 9th and final book in the Fire & Vice Series. Cassandra is pregnant and on the run. Who will find her first: her husband, the father her child, the man who will do anything to protect her, or her estranged father?


The pre-order for 7 Days and the Red Queen are both available on all retailers. The pre-order for Chasing Ecstasy is coming soon!  

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