Now available for pre-order: The Princess and Her Mercenary!

A sweet and sizzling romance novella by International Bestselling Author, Nikita Slater.

They have nothing in common.
She’s a Princess.
She loves clothes, jewels and causing mischief.
Her life has been mapped out for her.
She doesn’t have time for a kidnapping.
Unless her kidnapper happens to be a giant red-headed mercenary.

They have nothing in common.
He’s a beaten-up ex-mercenary.
He loves weaponry, security and killing.
Yet the day he let her go was the worst day of his life.
He learned his lesson.
Now, he’s going to collect his Princess and never let her go.

Together they discover how powerful opposites can be. They travel the world, dodge palace guards and reunite with old friends. Will the Princess and her mercenary find happiness or heartbreak ever after?

Note: This is a sweet and sizzling Nikita romance novella. This book follows the romance of secondary characters from Capturing Victory. Though this book can be read as standalone, for the best reader experience, it is recommended to read Capturing Victory first.

Nikita's Book News

Ndari and Keane's story is finally here! You met these two characters in Capturing Victory (Driven Hearts Book 3). Keane is a hardened mercenary who loves weapons, killing and fucking. Ndari is a real live princess. She lives a life of luxury and opulence. But the one thing she's always wanted is freedom. The freedom to explore the world, make her own decisions and love whomever she wants to love. 

Follow Keane and Ndari as they escape from the palace guards, travel the world and fall in love. This is a sweet and sizzling romance starring an irrepressible princess and bloodthirsty mercenary with no one to kill. Grab your pre-order now before the price goes up!

Coming soon!

I'm working hard on Born a Queen, the third book in my Queens series. There's no release date yet, but here's a sneak peak at the gorgeous new cover. Isn't it beautiful?

Also available soon will be my New Orleans vampire novella, Hector. All proceeds for this book will go to the Lupus foundation. I've enjoyed writing this book so much that I'm hoping to write two full length vampire novels to go with it.


If you're going to be in the New Orleans area on May 30th, come on out for a visit. I'll be at an 80 author Bookstars book signing. After the signing you can join us for a super fun vampire ball! 

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