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Loving Vincent is now available on all retailers!​

Loving Vincent is a short and sweet, with a dash of dark, mafia romance novella. If you're in the mood for a quick and hot Valentine's day read, then this might be the book for you!

Vincent is the kind of guy who doesn't take no for an answer. When Vince attempts to recruit Jenna, a prison nurse, to help him out by passing on a message, she says no. Instead of being angry, Vince decides he'd rather have the sweet little red-headed nurse than the favour. Only problem is, Jenna comes with a whole bundle of trouble, including an adorable three-year-old daughter, a nasty custody battle and an obsessed ex-husband. 

Once Vince has had a taste of Jenna, he'll never let her go, and he'll happily commit murder to make sure she never leaves.

Grab your copy today!

This is my Kink!

This is My Kink explores the lives and kinks of the local Saskatoon BDSM community. Each interview looks at the types of kinks the interviewees love, how they integrate kink into their lives and relationships, how they maneuver within their local BDSM community, and what sort of things they want the world to know about them.

All proceeds for this limited time book will go to the MVK (Metro Vancouver Kink Society). 

"I love the sights, the sounds, the smells, the feeling. The joy that comes from kink. And I love the reactions I get from my partners, and being able to follow those reactions in a way that brings them ecstacy." - kinkster quote

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