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Sinner's Empire Trilogy

A dark mafia trilogy by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.

Shaun's life changes in an instant when she's kidnapped from a hospital where she works as a surgeon with Doctors Without Borders. She's faced with two choices; save the mafia informant or die. She finds herself in a dangerous situation where the only man she can trust is the vicious enforcer to a crime family. Jozef Koba.

From the operating room to an opulent glittering ballroom and a forced engagement, Shaun is wildly out of her depth. Every step she takes is monitored and the man who kidnapped her watches her like a feral dog preparing to strike.

A mob war. A family in crisis. A rise to power.

Together, Jozef and Shaun, must show the world a new Koba empire, built from the ashes of destruction and put back together with the strength of their love.

NOTE: The Sinner's Empire Trilogy contains sensitive subject matter, with some scenes containing elements of PTSD and panic attacks, please read with caution.

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