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A dark romance novella set in the Hell’s Jury MC world by USA Today Bestselling Author Nikita Slater.


She saw safety and I saw redemption.




I’m anger. She’s fear. Together, we’re a contradiction. I see so much of myself in her. She brings out my beast, but she also softens me.


I’ve never known love, yet when Peyton offers it, I don’t trust myself to take it. Instead, I push her away, sending her into a hell that almost kills her.




I’m a shell of a woman, living in fear, hiding from a world that has used and abused me. Hash embodies rage and danger, but I fall in love anyway.


When he rejects me, I have two choices: I can become the shell of the woman I used to be or I can convince Hash that he’s worthy of my love.


But before I get the chance to tell him, the fight for my future turns deadly.


Hash is a novella within the Hell’s Jury MC series. Hash can be read as standalone but does contain elements of an overarching series mystery. Hash is a dark romance with scenes of sexuality and violence. Please read the author’s note inside the book for the full list of potential triggers.

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