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billionaire's captive mistress


Tyson King always gets what he wants and this time he wants a woman. 

On the run from her sadistic ex-boyfriend, Claudia changes her name, turns her back on her family, and moves constantly until she feels safe enough to settle down. Unfortunately, she chooses Tyson King’s city. Soon, she finds herself locked up in a penthouse and made the mistress of a terrifying man.

Claudia doesn’t trust this new life or the man who tells her she belongs to him. It will take all her cunning to escape him and win her freedom. She has to disappear and never look back because if he finds her, he’ll never let her go. But if she’s so bent on running, why does it feel so wrong to leave Tyson behind? 

And what if her ex-boyfriend and his mobbed-up cronies find her first…

Billionaire’s Captive Mistress is a standalone novel within the Kings of the Underworld series. Each book features a separate couple and can be read in any order.

darkness. steam. triggers.

Darkness rating: 

Steam rating: 

Trigger warnings: Non-con, dub-con, kidnapping, captive, heroine injured, assault

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