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Savage Vendetta

A standalone dark mafia romance novel by International Bestselling Author, Nikita Slater.

What happens when the baddest mafia boss in town wants the untouchable homicide detective who is determined to take him down? Vladimir Sitnikov will play a dangerous game in order to capture the fiery Jane McKinley and bring her under his roof and his control.

Police detective Jane McKinley wants to rock Russian mobster Vladimir Sitnikov's world – with a gun, a set of handcuffs and a long term jail cell. Jane is determined to do everything she can to protect her city by bringing down the ruthless mafia boss that haunts her nights. Sitnikov is equally determined to bring the spirited cop under his control and into his bed. In his relentless pursuit of the one woman who eludes him, he will destroy the one thing she holds dear. Her career.

But a strong woman with nothing left to lose is a dangerous thing, and she will stop at nothing to gain revenge. But when Jane is threatened, there is nothing cold in Vlad's savage response. He will burn the city to the ground.

Book four of the Fire & Vice series. All books are standalone and can be read in any order. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Just hot alpha male who knows what he wants! Sizzling dark mafia romance. Read at your own risk!