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Savage Boss

International Bestselling Author, Nikita Slater, presents the long-awaited sequel to Savage Vendetta!

Vlad has reached the end of his rope with his wife's stubborn defiance. If she won't take care of herself, he'll do it for her. But when his harsh methods create a terrifying situation, Vlad must find a way to compromise with the woman who means more than his own life.

Follow Vlad and Jane Sitnikov as their journey continues and they must learn how to work together for the sake of their small family. Find out how Jane escapes from the bunker and what happens with her risky pregnancy. In this exciting instalment of the Fire & Vice series Vlad and Jane will solve a PI case, confront a vengeful enemy from their past and catch up with their friends and family.

Savage Boss is the sequel to Savage Vendetta and should not be read as standalone. For the best reader experience, Savage Boss should be read after Savage Vendetta (Fire & Vice Book 4) and In His Sights (Fire & Vice Book 7). Savage Boss is a dark romance novella with sexual themes, read at your own risk.

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