Fire & Vice Series

Burning Beauty (Fire & Vice Book 8)

A standalone dark mafia romance novel written by International Bestselling Author, Nikita Slater.

Loving the man is easy, loving the mob boss is the most terrifying thing Maria has ever done.

Five years ago, Maria was happy until the unexpected and violent death of her fiancé shattered her world. Now she’s on the run and afraid for her life. Just as she starts to believe she’s safe, she meets Niccolo DeLuca and finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail.

Through a legacy of brutality and blood, Nic carved a place for himself among the fiercest mobsters in Italy. Now, in America, unhindered by the old Sicilian code, his unique brand of terror makes him the brutal king of his criminal underworld.

His enemies make a very big mistake when they decide to use the beautiful Latina against him. Nic will take the woman and wreak bloody vengeance on everything in his path.

In His Sights (Fire & Vice Book 7)

Mack Hudson works, drinks, breathes and works some more. He prefers life uncomplicated.

He kills complications.

Until Lucy.

The woman with stars in her eyes and love on her lips who whirled into his life with the speed of a lightning bolt, turning a hardened bounty hunter into the protective lover he never thought he could be.

With enemies at their backs, a city on fire and a mob war on the horizon, Mack will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to him. Even if it means making an enemy out of her family. Even if it means hurting the woman he loves.

If they thought he was dangerous when he had nothing, there's no stopping him now that he has everything.

Bound by Blood (Fire & Vice Book 6)


“You have always been worth my life. If you kill me now, I will follow you around in death as I would in life, until you decide to join me.”


Russian mafia enforcer Boris Grekov knew the moment he set eyes on her that she would belong to him. If he had a lifetime he would spend it convincing her that they were inseparable. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time. Exiled from Russia for more than a decade with a bounty on his head, he must now go back to reclaim his throne. He wants his woman at his side, whether she agrees to go or not.


Born and raised an assassin, she must complete her job or lose the one thing she holds most dear. But every time she turns around he is right there, pursuing her, touching her, making her feel after a lifetime of emptiness. She will fight him with every breath in her body, because she cannot fall in love with the man she must ultimately murder.

Fear in Her Eyes (Fire & Vice Book 5)

Who can she trust in a world filled with shadows?

Daniel Mercer wants something he shouldn’t have. He wants the woman from his building; the blind musician. The dark, dominant part of his soul calls for him to reach out and take her, to make her beg. He wants to possess her, to see the fear in her eyes as he takes her from her tidy world.

He knows he's not good enough for her. He's a savage through and through. He's seen and done things normal men can't imagine. Unfortunately for her, he can't seem to let her go. Her lush curves, delicate beauty and helpless attempts at independence soothe the predator in him.

Addison’s ordered life has gone from perfectly pleasant to terrifying in two crazy missteps; Daniel Mercer and a terrifying stalker. Could they be one and the same?

Daniel storms into her life in a hail of bullets, first saving her and then bullying her with his overbearing non-musical presence. He touches her at every opportunity, lighting up her dark world with a kaleidoscope of colour, then pushing her away whenever she gets too close.

But will he push her too far, into the arms of the stalker who lurks in the shadows?

Savage Vendetta (Fire & Vice Book 4)

What happens when the baddest mafia boss in town wants the untouchable homicide detective who is determined to take him down? Vladimir Sitnikov will play a dangerous game in order to capture the fiery Jane McKinley and bring her under his roof and his control.

Police detective Jane McKinley wants to rock Russian mobster Vladimir Sitnikov's world – with a gun, a set of handcuffs and a long term jail cell. Jane is determined to do everything she can to protect her city by bringing down the ruthless mafia boss that haunts her nights. Sitnikov is equally determined to bring the spirited cop under his control and into his bed. In his relentless pursuit of the one woman who eludes him, he will destroy the one thing she holds dear. Her career.

But a strong woman with nothing left to lose is a dangerous thing, and she will stop at nothing to gain revenge. But when Jane is threatened, there is nothing cold in Vlad's savage response. He will burn the city to the ground.

King's Command (Fire & Vice Book 3)

Tyson King always got what he wanted. This time he wanted a woman. He wanted Claudia.

Claudia Cantore was having a bad year. Her middle name should be ‘into the fire,’ because that’s where she kept ending up. On the run from a sadistic ex-boyfriend and his boss, she changed her name, turned her back on her family and moved constantly until she landed in a place she felt safe enough to settle down. Unfortunately, she chose Tyson King’s city. The ruthless businessman seemed determined to keep her in his possession – without her permission if necessary. She found herself whisked off to a fortress of a penthouse to become the mistress of a terrifying man.

It would take all of her cunning and the few connections she’d made to escape his "protection" and win her freedom. If he found her again, he would never let her go. But why did it feel so wrong to leave Tyson behind? And what if her ex found her first...

Fight or Flight (Fire & Vice Book 2)

The street thug ex-junkie falls in love with a mob princess. What could possibly go wrong?

Ash's life was simple. He protected the boss and the casino with brutal loyalty. In his spare time he was a champion cage fighter, his only friend an undemanding Rottweiler. The moment Ash set eyes on Anastasia Sitnikov, his dream woman complete with purple lipstick and bad attitude, his life got a whole lot more complicated.

Sassy and street smart, Anya challenges the deadly fighter at every turn and runs before things can get serious. Her bratty mouth and biker boots turn Ash on like nothing else. He has to have her and nothing will get in his way. He's determined to tie her down and show her that he means business. But just as Anya starts to lose her heart to the scarred fighter, an enemy from the past threatens to tear them apart.

Sold to pay off a debt to the rich owner of a casino. He locked her up in his penthouse for his exclusive use. He held her captive, and punished her when she resisted. She knew he was a bad man, who did bad things. She had to get away before he took more than she could give.

Khalid was used to taking what he wanted and walking away without regrets. Until he met Shania. Beautiful, sweet and uncorrupted by his world, he would protect her, cherish her, force her to submit. He would keep her locked away from the world and teach her to love him, in spite of her misgivings.

Prisoner of Fortune (Fire & Vice Book 1)

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