Nikita Slater

Romance that satisfies your darkest desires.


A mafia romance novella by International Bestselling Author, Nikita Slater.

Vince doesn’t deal with women, not unless he needs something. And he needs something from Jenna, something only she can give. One meeting with the sweet little red-headed nurse and he knows he’s in trouble. When she refuses to give him what he asks for, she gives him the one thing he really wants; a reason to take Jenna and keep her.

Between a messy divorce, a custody battle and a serious lack of funds, Jenna’s life has slowly gone downhill. When she finds Vince waiting for her in her dark house, threatening to hurt her if she doesn’t do his bidding, she’s pretty sure she’s hit rock bottom. But when Vince decides to make Jenna and her daughter a permanent part of his life, she discovers a love she never imagined possible.

But someone from Jenna’s past is angry with the blossoming romance and will do anything to stop it, even if it means killing the object of his obsession.

This 27,000 word standalone romance novella is sweet and sizzling with a dash of dark. I hope you enjoy!

Loving Vincent
This is my Kink

This is My Kink explores the lives and kinks of people who are part of the BDSM community. Each chapter is an interview with a different person and looks at the types of kinks the interviewees love, how they integrate kink into their lives and relationships, how they maneuver within their local community, and what sort of things they want the world to know about them. 

These are real stories from real people living a kinky lifestyle, living life the way they choose; their thoughts, motivations and expectations. In the words of the kinky:

“Another thing that drew me to the community was how much more empowered women seem in BDSM than in other places.” - Mozart


“The one thing I remember taking away from that experience was him licking my boot, his tongue caressing each toe through the boot. It was sensual, awkward, and one of the coolest things I’d ever done.” - Whisper


“A big thing for me was my collaring ceremony. Part of what stood out for me was it was a chance to make our commitments known within our community. Within polyamroy you don’t get a chance to always have those ceremonies, or public acknowledgment of those relationships, like a wedding.” - Kitten

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