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A Silent Reckoning

A Silent Reckoning is the second book in International Bestselling Author Nikita Slater's mafia romance Sinner's Empire Trilogy.

One year.

Jozef is ready to reclaim the woman who got away from him and start their lives together. He has watched, he has waited and now he will build his empire with his woman at his side.

One year.

Shaun never thought she'd see him again. The man who ripped her life into little pieces and left her to deal with the shambles. Now he's back and he's determined to pick up where they left off.

A Silent Reckoning is the second book in the Sinner's Empire Series. The third book will release on May 18, 2021. NOTE: A Silent Reckoning contains sensitive subject matter, with some scenes containing elements of PTSD and panic attacks, please read with caution.